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February 21, 2021
Introduction To Digital Design Lab Task 2
February 21, 2021

Unit 12 Discussion


White Collar Summary


Our last forum this semester will focussing on summarizing what we have learned these past few months. In your discussion, summarize your understanding of the following:Which white collar crimes do you feel are the most damaging to society and why do you feel this way?What is the nature of white collar crime? Moreover, what are the characteristics of white collar crimes that differentiate them from traditional crimes?What is the extent of white collar crime? Who are the most common victims? Why? What are the most common types? Why?Discuss which theories of criminal behavior you feel best explain the behavior of white collar criminals and why you feel they are the best fitWhat have been the social and legal reactions to white collar crime?How should we approach dealing with white collar crime and white collar criminals?


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