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September 12, 2021
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September 12, 2021

Unit 4 Assessment – Change Agent

InstructionsIn Unit 1, you identified recent technological advancements that have impacted human beings. In Unit 2, you analyzed the life cycle of a social problem related to that technological advancement. In Unit 3, you explained the impact of this technological advancement on both individuals and society. Now, we’re going to strategize solutions for this problem!Recall from the Unit 2 discussion about change agents:“Who impacts social change? Well, everyone, of course; however, change agents are important to this process (Rouse, n.d.). For the purpose of this course, the term, change agent, refers to someone who strategically advocates resolution to a social problem. For example, nonprofit service managers often advocate to define an issue as a social problem, recommend solutions to the problem, and motivate others to perceive/respond to the issue in the same way. Nonprofit service providers, however, aren’t the only organizations responsible for generating change. Professional organizations (i.e. American Medical Association, American Bar Association, American Psychiatric Association, etc.), corporations (Google, Facebook, Starbucks, etc.), social movement organizations (Amnesty International, Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, etc.) employee change agents for the same purposes. Hence, change agents are leaders from different sectors of society who define and advocate resolutions to social problems.”For this Unit 4 writing assignment, pretend you’re a change agent addressing the social problem you’ve discussed over the past 3 units.  You are presenting the social problem to “Stakeholder” or people that are in a position to assist you in making changes to the social problem you identified.Write a brief report answering the following questions:Who are the salient stakeholders most affected by this emergent social problem?*What are the varied material interests of these stakeholders?What are the values of these stakeholders?How do these stakeholders make sense of the world?Based on your responses to those four (4) questions, answer these additional three (3) questions:How would you recruit these stakeholders into a coalition dedicated to solving this social problem?Why do you think these strategies would be effective?What resources would you need to access for the successful implementation of these strategies?*Include however many stakeholders needed to address your social problem.Make sure to support each point with facts derived from valid outside sources selected with the methods covered in Unit 2. Be sure to cite all sources usingAPA formatting style (Links to an external site.).


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