1) Which statement describes characteristics of an endothermic reaction?
October 18, 2020
How can the formation of Accountable Care Organizations improve quality of care and make providers more responsible for cost of care? Give an example of a study that has addressed coordination of care and has had documented success. Describe the study and its implications for care.
October 18, 2020

vision system

consider the figure.3 showing a food product (ring doughnuts) travelling down a conveyor belt consisting of thicker wires running across the conveyor with finer wires joining them together. A greyscale camera is being used as part of a vision system to monitor the shape and surface area of the product. Although the picture does not show it, your camera is mounted perpendicular to the conveyor belt and only one doughnut is visible in the captured image.

Discuss what image processing techniques would be used and why, to assist with this recognition task.

Explain why the order in which you would implement your chosen techniques is important.

Your answer should be a maximum of 600 words and must include diagrams and images.

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