Consider one of the following alternative therapies: Imagery, Music Intervention , Humor or Yoga. Compare and contrast any two of these. For a client in chronic pain, which of these do you consider to be most effective? Support your response with a journ
January 15, 2021
January 15, 2021
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Weird Beliefs

Consider the following claims. Which of these claims seems most likely to be true to you? Which seems least likely to be true to you? Ultimately, do
you think any of these claims are plausible or reasonable? Explain and support your answers with reasons.
There are psychics who have the power speak to the dead
Astrologists can use the stars to accurately describe people and predict their futures based on when they were born
The Moon landing never really happened, it was filmed by the US Government in a movie studio on Earth
Extraterrestrial beings (aliens) have made contact with humans
The Illuminati, a top secret organization of powerful people, secretly controls all of the world’s governments and everything that happens in the world.

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