January 12, 2021
I have chosen three articles which are listed the links down Analyze and create one document with headings to indicate which readings were chosen and address the following requirements in essay format
January 12, 2021

what is MLA

What is MLA?
In this class we use MLA for documentation. This is a topic everyone should already be familiar with as it was part of Composition I. There is refresher information in this model. After you have looked over that information you are to use this discussion forum to talk about MLA. To open this discussion off answer the questions, When do we use MLA and why do we use it.

Make sure to read over the discussion rubrics that is posted on the home page. Keep in mind that you are to post an initial response and then respond to a peer of your choice. This means you are to post at least twice in the discussion. You are also to post on two separate days and each post must be at least one paragraph long and add to the discussion.  Keep in mind that a paragraph is more than a three sentences. Your first post must be made by


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