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September 16, 2020
Assignment 1: Discussion—The Future of Social Security
September 16, 2020


1. What is TCP/IP architecture? What is PDU and how does the model (TCP/IP) use PDU?

2. A TCP segment consisting of 1500 bits of data and 160 bits of header is sent to the IP layer, which appends another 160 bits of header. This then transmitted through two networks, each of which uses a 24-bit packet header. The destination network has a maximum packet size of 800 bits. How many bits, including headers, are delivered to the network layer protocol at the destination?

3. List and define briefly the types of operation provided by the LLC protocol. Explain the spanning tree routing method

4. Consider a baseband bus with 4 equally spaced stations with a data rate of 10 Mbps and a bus length of 1 km. What is the mean time to send a frame of 1000 bits to the third one from the first one, measured from the beginning of transmission to the end of reception? Assume a propagation speed of 200 m/μs

5. Develop a spanning tree for the configuration of Figure 11.15 (Page 360)

6. What is the principle of frequency reuse in the context of a cellular network? What are some key characteristics of the 3rd, 4th and LTE generation cellular systems?

7. Consider a cellular system that has the following characteristics. The frequency bands are 825 to 845 MHz for mobile unit transmission and 870 to 890 MHz for a base station transmission. A duplex circuit consists of one 30 –kHz channel in each direction. The system uses the reuse factor of N.
a. Find the reuse factor, N, using the 4th and the 6th number from your student ID
b. Find the bandwidth allocated for Mobile Unit and Base Transmission separately
c. Calculate the total bandwidth available for the system
d. Suppose that in the system, the cluster of cell is duplicated 16 times. Find the number of simultaneous communication that can be supported by the system.
e. Find the number of simultaneous communications that can be supported by a single cell in the system.
f. What is the area covered, in cells, by the system


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