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March 27, 2022
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write 4500 words church ministry

Students will write a paper that explores and critically analyzes a historic or contemporary example of a church ministry involved in international or inter-cultural mission/engagement. This could be a particular project, history of work, ministry in a particular setting, or program. To do this, students will need to:

  • Be able to articulate a theological foundation regarding international or inter-cultural engagement;
  • Provide an analytical view into a particular example of mission, describing its:
  1. History
  2. Reason/rationale
  3. Purpose/goal
  4. Method or practice (i.e., mode of engagement)
  5. What it has done/what has been its outcome
  • Describe, based on the above analysis, theological assumptions (overt or covert; intentional or unintentional) of the particular example and its practice(s).
  • Critically engage the particular example
  1. How does it reflect or participate in God’s mission (missio Dei) in the world?
  2. Does it portray a biblical vision of the church and its missional vocation?
  3. How does it embody a missional church paradigm throughout its praxis?
  4. What is or has been problematic?

Read the instructions and do it step by step and include all the sources that you will use it.


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