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writing assignment 348

please answer the following two questions. Each answer should be between 600 and 750 words (1200 to 1500 words total). Please submit both essays in one document/file via Moodle/Turn it In by 11:59 PM on 20 November. Each essay should have a developed thesis statement that clearly and concisely states the position you are taking. Additionally, each essay should incorporate relevant, substantive material from the primary and secondary sources to support the central argument. You must limit your use of sources not listed on the course syllabus or found in lecture materials. No more than 2 outside sources (online or books) may be used and cited in the exam. Using more than two outside sources will result in failing the exam.

1. The Black Death was a trauma that left western European society much smaller and scarred by death. But the subsequent period of western history has been characterized as a rebirth—a Renaissance. What were the key intellectual, cultural, and social developments of the Renaissance and how did they represent a “rebirth”?

2. The Reformation was a critical moment in the history of western Europe. It allowed for an expansion of religious expression, it created more accountability in the religious institutions, and had significant cultural impacts. What were the central debates of the Reformation and what impact did those debates have on western Europeans? Identify other Early Modern cultural, social, and/or institutional developments and explain how they emanate from the Reformation?

Your essays will be graded according to the following criteria:


“Roadmap.” Must tell me what you’re discussing in the essay.

Thesis Statement-10%

Single statement laying out the argument of each essay. Should be obvious to reader.

Primary Source Evidence-20%

Effective use of primary source material to support central argument in each essay. Must include usage of The Prince by Machiavelli.

Secondary Source Evidence-10%

Effective use of relevant secondary source material to support central argument in each essay. Must include and use a secondary source to support your ideas.


Correct and consistent citations of ALL materials used (both paraphrasing and direct quotes). MLA or Turabian/Chicago citation methods accepted.


Tells the reader what you’ve argued and how you’ve proven your point. Summarizes the central points of your argument.

Accuracy, Organization & Style -30%

Information is correct. Command of course information and readings should be evident. Proofread. Formal in tone. Avoids colloquialisms.

Use this book

B. A. Pavlac, A Concise Survey of Western Civilization: Supremacies and Diversities

throughout History (2015)


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